8 Maternal Care Mobile Apps Improving Healthcare Access in Developing Nations

Today when healthcare has become more of a necessity than luxury, access to medical services are still negligible in the developing nations. Women who are pregnant are worst affected. About 800 females die each day, globally due to complications of childbirth, which are actually preventable if proper treatment is meted. But, some developing regions lack […]

3D Printer Creates Functioning Ovaries, a Probable Solution to Infertile Women

Who could imagine a 3D printed ovary could release mature eggs, resulting in healthy birth? Well, this is what happened when 3D printers mimicked mice ovaries, and led the mouse to deliver healthy youngling, which later reproduced. The scientists are excited to further their experiments, and probably make the treatment available to humans in next […]

MTP Kit Abortion and Women’s Experiences


Many women choose a medication regiment to end their early pregnancy. As per the U.S. Food and Drug administration, the MTP Kit abortion pills can be taken within 49 days from the start of last menses or in 9 weeks after from the menstrual first day. The medicine involved restricts progesterone hormone receptors, shedding uterine […]

Don’t Be Confused, Get the Abortion Pill Facts Right


After medical pregnancy termination went under verbal attack and protests by pro-lifers, there are quite many ill rumors surrounding abortion pill. Some of the bogus scares include risks to infertility, breast cancer, infections etc. But, guess what? All such believes do not have any scientific backing, rather are wrong. The United States, FDA has already […]

5 Foods to Boost Hemoglobin and Prevent Anemia

Spinach on white

Feeling weak, tired and does your blood test show a low hemoglobin count? Perhaps, you are then suffering from anemia. This is a condition wherein the lack of red blood cells is created because of certain body conditions. The serious kinds of anemia are hemolytic, sideroblastic, and sickle cell. These can be treated only with […]

Birth Control Pill is Safe Contraceptive Method for Women after 40′s


We all hear that fertility declines with age in women. However, that does not make one infertile enough to not get pregnancy after the benchmark of 40 years. Yes, there is a possibility that conception may take more trials than how it were in the early 20’s or 30’s. Those intending to prevent pregnancy after […]