Abortion Pill: A Necessary Health Service for Pregnancy Termination

1A medication termination of pregnancy is suitable during 63 or 49 days of gestation. The age of pregnancy is counted from first day of last menses. To end a 12 or 9 week long pregnancy, women can obtain abortion pill online. The tablets are used by millions of females around the world for a safe and effect termination of early pregnancy. For assistance and advice or counseling, woman can seek help from pregnancy care hospitals. Medical abortion is much popular than surgical counterpart, the vacuum aspiration.

If the female wishes to take the tablets at home, she can do it alone or call for assistance. But, she must make sure that emergency healthcare is accessible within an hour’s distance. Otherwise the user can get the abortion pills administered at a clinic recognized for providing pregnancy termination services. The medical procedure can be done at an early stage of 4 weeks gestation, but a surgical method can only be initiated after 6 weeks of pregnancy.

Medicines Needed to End a Pregnancy

There are two chief tablets taken to terminate pregnancy. Mifepristone and Misoprostol are approved by FDA for abortion purpose. Users can attain these pills in combination at MTP Kit or abortion pill pack. Usually 3 Mifepristone (consumed orally on first day) and 4 Misoprostol tablets (ingested sublingually on third day of regimen) are enough for removing pregnancy sections from womb. But, a higher dose may be needed for some women.

Process of Pregnancy Termination

The Mifepristone tablet breaks uterus endometrium lining by creating lack of progesterone hormone, which does not let fetus to develop further. When the fetus separates from uterine lining, its growth stops, and cervix dilates. The pregnancy sections are prepared for ultimate expel when prostaglandin tablets contracts womb. Fetal contents are completely flushed away with bleeding.

Restrictions on Medication Use

If the woman has allergy to pregnancy termination tablets, or complicated pregnancy like molar or ectopic, or over 35 years and 12 weeks gestation, then she is not eligible for using abortion pills. Other contraindications are breastfeeding, alcohol drinking, and overdose, physical hardships during regimen, smoking, heart/liver/kidney diseases, pelvic injury, and serious mental disorders. An alternative surgical method may be beneficial in such instances.

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