Don’t Be Confused, Get the Abortion Pill Facts Right

get-the-factsAfter medical pregnancy termination went under verbal attack and protests by pro-lifers, there are quite many ill rumors surrounding abortion pill. Some of the bogus scares include risks to infertility, breast cancer, infections etc. But, guess what? All such believes do not have any scientific backing, rather are wrong. The United States, FDA has already approved Mifepristone (anti progesterone tablet used to start pregnancy ending) 15 years ago.

Millions of women have terminated unwanted pregnancy with help of medications, at home, without much assistance.  It is important that women are made aware of reproductive care that is safe and effective. Here are some necessary facts you may want to know about medical pregnancy termination.

How Do the Medicines Work?

A combination of Mifepristone 2 to 3 pills (progesterone blocker) and Misoprostol 4 tablets (prostaglandin) are taken to end a 4 to 12 week old pregnancy. The anti progesterone tablets detach embryo from womb implantation tissue, dilates cervix, and cuts fetus off nutrition & oxygen. Prostaglandin tablets make womb convulsions happen.

The mechanism swiftly throws out fetal remains from womb, just like natural miscarriage. Heavy bleeding allows the remnants to flush out from vagina. Whole process completes in 2 weeks, without causing any risks to future pregnancies.

Are There any Possible Complications?

Only few side effects may result apart from abdomen cramps and heavy bleeding. These fallouts are dizziness, nausea, diarrhea, vomiting, headache, tiredness etc. But, as claimed by biased opinion holders, the abortion pill definitely does not make women vulnerable to cancers, infections, sexual diseases, infertile etc.

If you have taken a decision to terminate an early pregnancy, then go ahead with it, and fear not any rumors or accusations about medical procedure. Because it is harmless, and inexpensive, medication is one of the best choices for inducing abortion.

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