Medical Abortion Aftercare and Precautions for Faster Recovery

After an induced abortion with medicine, you may be wondering how to recover at the soonest. There are some temporary changes and restriction you need to understand for a faster healing. While it takes only a few weeks to get back to normalcy, there are certain precautions that must be maintained for complete wellbeing. But, before we get to those measures, here are few unusual or unexpected symptoms which need immediate medical attention.

  • Smelly or discolored vaginal discharge
  • Fever
  • Aggressive pain
  • Abdominal tenderness
  • Feeling of still being pregnant
  • Consistent heavy bleeding soaking more than 2 pads in 2 hours.

What you Can or Cannot Do after Successful Abortion?

After 14 days of the procedure, it is necessary to receive uterus ultrasound to confirm result of abortion procedure. If the termination is successful, then recovery is made fast. But, surgical evacuation of womb may be required, if pregnancy sections are still in there. Most women are fit to return to their normal activities in a day or two from completion of abortion pill regimen. But, there are certain things that you have to do and things you must avoid. Here is a list of those particulars.

1. Douching: Cleaning out vagina vigorously after pregnancy termination is non-advisable. The cervix is still in the healing phase. Douching may harm the vaginal walls, and hurt the cervical neck. It may disrupt presence of good bacteria or increase risk to infection.

2. Bathing: Taking a shower is fine. But, it is recommended to avoid doing to until 24 hours pass as abortion pills may cause dizziness in some, or the weakness and tiredness induce drowsiness. If you still wish to take a bath, and then make sure someone is present to keep a watchful eye on you.

3. Resuming Work: In two days time, it is normal to return back to workplace. However, if you have to travel far for work or involved at field-job, then perhaps consult a doctor to note the wellbeing level before getting to your professional life.

4. Traveling: As discussed that medication method can lead to dizziness, immediate travel later to pregnancy ending if done must be accompanied by someone who can take care of you. If you are bleeding heavy and still getting cramps then giving rest to body and mind is mandatory. Make sure emergency care is accessible incase travel cannot be prohibited.

5. Sexual Intercourse: You must not engage in sexual intercourse at least for a week or two after having a successful abortion pill process. There are chances you can get pregnant before even getting your next menses. It is said that cervix may remain loose for several days after the procedure. Thus, allowing it to heal is necessary. Use recommended means of birth control to stop an unwanted pregnancy.

6. Breastfeeding: If you are breastfeeding a child, then do not resume it until five hours from using Misoprostol tablets. Contents of the medicine can cause diarrhea in the child feeding on the milk, as the ingredients easily pass into the breast milk. Consult with a physician as to when breastfeeding can be actually commenced when pregnancy is successfully terminated.

7. Drinking Alcohol: Be it drinking low or high content alcoholic beverages, both activities must be restricted. Alcohol consumption affects nervous system, and may increase dizziness, risking chances of unforeseen accidents, especially soon after pregnancy ending. Stay off alcohol at least for 3 weeks later to the procedure, as alcohol may also heighten the bleeding, and do not drink heavily after this event.

8. Exercise: Do not involve in strenuous exercise routine (going to gym, yoga, aerobics, dancing etc.) or outdoor activities, and athletic sports as these may increase chances to heavy bleeding or hurt the vagina. Have a talk with your doctor as to which exercises is suitable during abortion aftercare recovery phase.

9. Using Tampons: Until your first period gets over following pregnancy ending, do not use tampons. Inserting one during recovery can harm the vagina and cervix causing infection, pain, scratches on the vaginal walls etc. Choose large and thick sanitary napkins instead.

10. Emotional Turmoil: It is normal to have mixed emotional responses after abortion. Most of the women experience relief, but some may carry negative feelings, which can be managed in time or with family/friends support. But in certain situations, the feelings can turn to depression. If you are feeling the blues then you can consult a counselor to manage the emotional responses to pregnancy termination.

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