5 Foods to Boost Hemoglobin and Prevent Anemia

Spinach on white

Feeling weak, tired and does your blood test show a low hemoglobin count? Perhaps, you are then suffering from anemia. This is a condition wherein the lack of red blood cells is created because of certain body conditions. The serious kinds of anemia are hemolytic, sideroblastic, and sickle cell. These can be treated only with proper medical interventions. As red bloods can be increased naturally, you may have the chance to prevent low hemoglobin and restrict from contacting this illness. Here are some natural methods of preventing anemia.

1.     Tomatoes & Pomegranate

Tomatoes are rich in lycopene and vitamin C, which assist in iron absorption. It tastes well with sandwiches, salads and vegetables. Moreover, tomatoes can be had raw as well. Pomegranate is a fruit like tomato, which has fiber, fat, carbohydrate, vitamins, sugar, and protein. Also, it contains calcium and iron, along with minerals like copper, potassium etc. It supports blood circulation and hemoglobin, reliving symptoms of anemia like dizziness, exhaustion and weakness.

2.     Include Spinach Diet

A half cup of spinach everyday can keep anemia at bay. This dark green leafy vegetables has iron, fiber, vitamin C, E, A, B9, beta carotene, and calcium. All these nutrients help alleviate red blood cells. The vegetable needs to be boiled well before consumption as oxalic acid in it can reduce body’s iron absorption power.

3.     Beetroot-Apple Juice

Beet is rich in potassium, fiber, and folic acid while apple is full with iron. Juice both apple and beet together, and take a sip at the sweetness. This brew early in the morning will better immune system, and keep a healthy count of red blood cells.

4.     Blackstrap Molasses

Going with a folk remedy, blackstrap molasses have a lot folate and iron in it, along with B vitamins. It heightens red blood cell production. Even diabetic people can consume it as it is low on glycemix index. Mix it with water and apple cider, and enjoy this delicious juice.

5.     Sesame Seeds & Jaggery

Both jaggery juice and sesame seeds are high in iron. In fact sucking on jaggery can simply raise iron levels in body. You can include it in tea, sweet preparations, and pancakes, while sesame seeds taste good on wheat bread, buns, vegetables, salads, meat, spicy edibles and a lot more as per preference.

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