These Absurd Myths about Contraceptive Pills Needs to be Busted

Myths&FactsDo you want to avert the chances to pregnancy? You can do so by taking oral contraceptive tablets. However, there are some horrible myths attached to these that need to be undone. Here are some of the common ones that you must have heard about that we have busted by referring reliable sources.

Birth Control Pills make you Infertile

Though the job of birth control tablets is to stop making you pregnant, it does not necessarily cause infertility. Yes, during the course of the medication, the uterus cannot support fetus, but is not related to the quality of eggs, once the regiment is discontinued. However, a study did show that the antral follicles and anti-Mullerian hormone (needed for fertilization) decrease by about 16 to 19 percent than those not using the tablets.

The ovarian volume may become smaller between 20 and 52%. It is advisable that the user check their ovarian reserves only after three months from stopping the medication to understand the odds and evens to fertility.

The Tablets Increase Breast Cancer Risk

The pills to contraception do not risk breast cancer in every woman. But, those who have breast lumps; risk to cancer or in their 40’s must only use the tablets after consultation. They may be prescribed a low-oestrogen medication instead. The possibility to cancer is so incredibly low that the benefits of the contraceptive medicines are far greater to deter females from utilizing the same.

Skipping Menses Purposefully is Dangerous

Taking contraceptive tablets may change the regular dates of your periods. If you are in good health, this consequence may not hurt you. But, those with genetic history of blood clots, or aged over 35 years of age, chain smokers etc on oestrogen tablet may have higher risk to deep vein thrombosis, including stroke. For them, it is best to choose a monophasic tablet. But, the belief that skipping periods will cause health issues is relatively a myth given a person is fit for taking the decision physically and mentally.

No Need to Use Birth Control Pill When Breastfeeding

While breastfeeding, you are already fertile. Thus, if unprotected intercourse is taking place, there is a high chance of getting pregnant, even though you may have recently given birth to a child. However, taking these tablets during breastfeeding can affect milking and the child. Thus, meet a health professional to discuss about safe options of contraception during breastfeeding.

Hormonal Pregnancy Averters Cause Weight Gain

For some it may be true, but for other largely the myth of gaining weight may be vice versa. Many people lose weight on taking contraceptive pills and get hungrier when on the regimen. They feel like having mood boosting items that are generally healthy. If a conscious means is taken to keep diet controlled, the tablet does not directly spurt up weight.

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