MTP Kit Abortion and Women’s Experiences


Many women choose a medication regiment to end their early pregnancy. As per the U.S. Food and Drug administration, the MTP Kit abortion pills can be taken within 49 days from the start of last menses or in 9 weeks after from the menstrual first day.

  • The medicine involved restricts progesterone hormone receptors, shedding uterine lining on walls alike that in menstrual procedure. Progesterone blockers also dilate cervix by increasing prostaglandin levels in body, helping in pregnancy termination.
  • Followed by progesterone blockers, prostaglandin pills result in womb contractions. This furthers motions in uterus to reveal out fetal parts, which disintegrate right from the start of dosage administration.
  • If the medication does not work effectively, it can be identified by ultrasound of uterus on follow up visit. The examination confirms results of the procedure. The MTP Kit pills are 97% effective, and rarely fail in doing an abortion.


Women who cannot use MTP Kit are those with molar/ectopic pregnancy, over 35 years of age or 12 weeks pregnancy, allergic to the medicine, carrying heart/liver/adrenal gland/liver diseases etc. avoid interacting drugs and supplements like antacids, some antibiotics, vitamins, and herbal oral products.

Reasons for Medication Abortion Preference

But, surgical removal of fetal parts is needed if the medicines are unable to complete the regimen. Women prefer using the medication method as it can be done at home. As the tablets can be accessed easily, and there is no hospitalization required, many find it a convenient option.

Effects and Experiences

As per FDA approved dosage, 600mg of anti progesterone and 400mcg of prostaglandins are suitable to terminate pregnancy. After the third day of regimen, user must wear sanitary pads as she will bleed vaginally. Bleeding is heavy for initial 4 to 6 hours of prostaglandin tablets intake.

Analgesic medication may be prescribed to manage pain, but only take it if doctor advises for it. After procedure conclusion, the bleeding will become lighter, and user experiences only spotting for a month or more

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